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The SARTrack programs do NOT have any virus.

FIREFOX BUG: FIREFOX has a bug in which it marks all SARTrack programs of having a virus, without any information or proof. It then saves the file to the Download location, but it has intentionally damaged it.
If you then try to run it, Windows 10/11 says:  "CANNOT RUN ON YOUR PC",  again without any information on how to fix it.
To correct this:
After downloading with Firefox, *right-click* on the downloaded file, and you get the option to 'Download anyway' (which it already has done) and Firefox will then repair the file and it can be run.

Windows 10/11:
After download, Windows 10/11 will complain, because the SARTrack programs do not have a verified source. And the reason for this is, that I have to pay some company $500 per year to be 'verified'.
To fix this, click on More Information and then select 'Run anyway'.

Any other anti-virus programs complaining, please follow the documentation of your anti-virus system how to allow the SARTrack program(s).

Any other problems, contact me: